June 5th, 1862 – Treaty of Saigon

The Treaty of Saigon was signed on June 5th, 1862, between representatives of the French Empire and the last precolonial emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty, Emperor Tự Đức. Based on the terms of the accord, Tự Đức ceded Saigon, the island of Poulo Condor and three southern provinces of what was to become known as […]

Symposium Session – French Influence on Vietnamese Food

French Influence on Vietnamese Food Presented by Julie Niesen Gosdin How does your food change based on political and cultural influences? See how French colonialism affects Vietnam and creates its own, unique cuisine in this session. Presenter: Julie Niesen Gosdin is an award-winning food writer whose work has appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, WCPO and Fox […]

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