Symposium Vendor – The Spectra Nova

Steampunk & Cosplay Medals, Pocket Watch Chains & Fobs, Chatelaines, Cockades, & More!

Symposium 2016 – Vendor Application

Many vendors have been asking us when they can apply to vend at the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium . . . and the answer is NOW 🙂 Loading…  

Symposium Vendor – Industrial Dis Ease Toys LLC

WE offer a full range of sensation and violet wand toys, as well as steampunk canes, accessories, clothing and cosplay accessories. Come check out our sensation paws and infinite twists great for making you the most popular person at any party. We manufacture our toys for the best possible effect and you have to try it to […]

Symposium Vendor – Frank and Steele

We create pieces designed from a 3D Printer. All pieces and accessories are custom designs. Our pieces range from Victorian/Steampunk prop pieces to accessories used for building Victorian/Steampunk costumes and props. Visit to learn more about their products.

Symposium Vendor – CreativeKender Press

CreativeKender Press offers fine dragon art done in several medias. This includes printmaking, watercolor, marker, jewlery making and more. Learn more about her artwork at

Symposium Vendor – Cosgrave Studios

Eclectic finds, for funky minds. Cosgrave Studios creates unique, handcrafted jewelry from manipulated metals, natural stone and glass beads, repurposed vintage, and found objects. With styles ranging from boho chic, to steampunk and geek; we’ve got something for everyone.   Learn more about Cosgrave Studios at

Symposium Vendor – The Spectra Nova

Exceptional quality handmade faux military medals & badges, men’s & ladies fancy watch chains & handmade fobs, chatelaines (fancy keychains you can wear!), antique button jewelry & men’s tie/ascot tacks, hand painted cameo brooches, and more!   Learn more about The Spectra Nova at their Etsy Site.

Symposium Vendor – CogBots

Gearology is the study of all things gear related, and we are your Gearologist guides. If you have ever wanted to build something with gears- be it for art or just tinkering with some wacky machine we are your place to get started. Design and cutting gears is painstaking, tedious work. We take care of […]

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