December 17th, 1903 – The Flight of the Wright Brothers

The first controlled powered heavier-than-air flight was made by the Wright brothers in their Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17th, 1903.

December 16th, 1826 – The Fredonian Rebellion

Benjamin W. Edwards was an American colonist in early Texas, and it was on December 16th, 1826 that he rode into Mexican-controlled Nacogdoches, Texas, and declares himself ruler of the Republic of Fredonia. Five days later saw the outbreak of what became known as Fredonian Rebellion.

December 15th, 1933 – America Gets Drunk Again!

On December 15th, 1933, the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution officially became effective, repealing the Eighteenth Amendment that prohibited the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol . . . the Prohibition Era had come to an end.

December 2nd, 1942 – Unleashing Atomic Energy

It was on December 2nd, 1942, during the Manhattan Project, that a team led by Enrico Fermi initiated the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.

November 16th, 1940 – The Mad Bomber

On November 16th, 1940, New York City’s “Mad Bomber” George Metesky placed his first bomb at a Manhattan office building used by Consolidated Edison.

November 14th, 1910 – Ship to Shore Flight

On November 14th, 1910, aviator Eugene Burton Ely performed the first take off from a ship in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He took off from a makeshift deck on the USS Birmingham in a Curtiss pusher.

October 10th, 1933 – A Bomb on the Plane

On October 10th, 1933, a Boeing 247 propliner operated by United Air Lines and registered as NC13304, crashed near Chesterton, Indiana. The transcontinental flight, carrying three crew and four passengers, had originated in Newark, New Jersey, with its final destination in Oakland, California. It had already landed in Cleveland and was headed to its next stop […]

October 9th, 1888 – The Washington Monument

On October 9th, 1888, the Washington Monument was officially opened to the general public, but what if the monument is more than it appears?

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