Pandoracon 2016 Session – Crisis in Infinite Fanfiction

Crisis in Infinite Fanfiction Presented by Ty Jero Come hear the terrifying literary masterpieces from the depths of fanfiction hell.

Jonesing for Jessica

-There be Spoilers ahead- Following in the shadowy footsteps of the successful Daredevil, Marvel and Netflix have recently launched Jessica Jones on an unsuspecting audience. Daredevil at least had a movie to introduce the character to mainstream viewers, but as far as Marvel heroes go Jessica Jones is not the best known. Like Supergirl this […]

With Great Power, Comes Great Boredom

-There be spoilers ahead- What does it take to be a hero? The drive to do the right thing? The will to make things right? The need to protect others? There are lots of reasons, and to each hero they are the right reason. But what about a hero who is doing it for fun? […]

So Few Agents, So Little Time

Season three of Agents of Shield is just chugging on with more revelations than you can shake a stick at. Our friendly neighborhood shrink, Andrew, is none other than the heart breaking (and removing) inhuman Lash. Phil has fallen for the stoic and snarky head of the ATCU, or has he? Fitz and Simmons and […]

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