Labyrinth Memories

Remember that crazy time that we built a labyrinth? For some it was a huge amount of fun to get lost in the life size maze that was built indoors. For some it has faded into the stuff of legends, and for some it is a memory that has been locked deep down with all […]


What is retro-futurism? Taken quite literally, it sounds like a contradiction of terms. Retro refers to things of the past, like antiques, and futurism is, well, the future. But retro-futurism isn’t the days of future past. It’s actually the future as envisioned by writers of the past. The year of 2060 would be described very […]

Top Ten Cyberpunk Movies (part three)

The active members of The Pandora Society Facebook group have seen a lot of films and watched a lot of television, and here we continue the results of a recent poll in which they nominated and voted for their favorite Cyberpunk films and TV shows . . . today we present films six and five of our Top Ten […]

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