Book Review: The Return of the Discontinued Man (Burton and Swinburne 5) by Mark Hodder

First off, I want to give some love to Jon Sullivan, the mastermind behind the moody, fantastical covers I always feature on the reviews of this series. So, a tip of the hat to you, good sir. On the cover for Mark Hodder’s fifth installment of this alternative history series we see a huge metal man, […]

Book Review: The Secret of Abdu el Yezdi (Burton and Swinburne 4) by Mark Hodder

At the end of The Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon, our heroes, and in fact time itself, are left in rather dire straights. If you remember, I actually read the books out of order, so for me when I got to the end of book 3, a lot of what I had already […]

Stop the World–It’s for Science

Most everyone has, at some point in their life, wished they could put the world on pause while they try to catch up. Sometimes they just need to get in a good night’s sleep. Sometimes they’re a month behind on paperwork. Sometimes they’re wrapped up in the middle of a dramatic incident and they just […]

Theories of Time Travel

Last week I explained the inexplicable nature of time, and demonstrably proved that time travel is impossible. But speculative fiction was never known to follow the rules, and steampunk, specializes in the impossible, so who’s going to let a little thing like physics stop them? Not me!

Entropy and the Arrow of Time

Three questions have plagued mankind for as long as we’ve had science fiction writers and theoretical physicists. They are: Is time travel possible? Why does entropy increase? And what the heck does 42 mean?

Time Travelers’ Weekend in Review!

This weekend saw the first official Time Travelers’ weekend unfold at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, and the steampunks, fandoms, and cosplayers turned out in force. Although there were very few official changes to the venue/shows/etc. for the theme, there was a very clear and happy nod to the assortment of time travelers who descended upon […]

“Hollow World” – Book Review

Do you like your time travel novels light on the quantum physics and with a side of philosophy? Are you a fan of adventure sci-fi writers such as H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs? Do you enjoy reading novels that include elements of controversial subjects but are not, themselves, a subject of controversy? If you answered […]

Ohio Ren Fair Officially Welcomes Time Travelers

While we might have to wait for November 14th for the fifth annual Time Travelers’ Ball, we don’t have to wait for time travel. Or, rather, we don’t have to wait very long.

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