The Leviathan

It’s the 22nd century, on a mysterious planet where giant alien beasts are harvested for their biological material, where mankind is conscripted to brave the air-flows on futuristic sky-craft, and where sometimes, for all the technology and science available to us, we are completely outmatched by monsters in the deep…

Pandora Cinematheque – Vampires From Mars?

When you’re a drunk at a small-time bar somewhere in Texas, you’d think nothing of a smooth-tongued, clean shaven, irritatingly friendly young man who tries to tell you a story. That is, until he buys you a beer. And then tells you he’s an alien. Our latest Pandora Cinematheque offering is Bar Talk – enjoy!

Pandora Cinematheque – The Gunfighter

Somewhere in the wild west frontier, a lone, weary gunman stumbles into the wrong saloon, where a mysterious god-like narrator holds sway over the miscreant, sinful occupants… oh, and it also stars Nick Offerman…

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