Where Science Meets Games

This is the 21st century and we’re all glued to our phones, tablets, and computers. By the 22nd century we plan to be wired directly in, but for now we have to settle for a visual connection instead of a neural one. These devices we use to augment our own potential reality are capable of […]

The Dark Side of Steam Travel

When the Great Britain launched in 1843, the steam ship was called “the greatest experiment since the creation.” It was hailed as a revolutionary step forward in technology. But that step forward helped launch the British Empire into a dark chapter in their history and the price for progress was paid in blood.

Your Wireless Future

I dream of a wireless future. We introduced cables for the first time with the discovery of electricity. This magical source of power traveled along wires to bring light and sound to far away places. The invention of the telegraph led to wires stretching from coast to coast, and eventually across the Atlantic itself. By […]

So You Wanna Be a Hacker?

Cyberpunk is an amalgamation of the words cyber (of or relating to computers, cyberspace,) and punk subculture (anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, etc.) What better example of the essence of both these words then the greatly celebrated geek stereotype of the hacker? Hacking is an activity that the ignorant fear, the computer geeks defend, and the experts engage […]

Tricorder Talk

Did you know that the late great Gene Roddenberry specifically put language into the Star Trek franchise contracts that gives permission to anyone that invents technology that is featured in Star Trek to use the names from the Trek shows and movies. Example: Say you invent a device that can record real time magnetic disturbances. […]

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