Up, Up, and Away! Dirigible Racing at the Symposium

Lasers! Gas! Whirling propellers! Action and adventure has never been so colorful, shiny, and reluctant to fly in the right direction. It is the 2016 Dirigible Races. Who won? Who lost? Who made the most snarky comments?

A Pot Named Spot–Teapot Racing Report

Three things are required in a good racing teapot: speed, agility, and traction. Without these elements, a simple obstacle course can come to quickly resemble a popular murder mystery board game. It was the teapot, in the atrium, with the candlestick.

The 2016 Steampunk Symposium Games

We are drawing even closer to the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium which means that the Games are almost upon us . . . and there are some changes for this year . . .

The Forbidden Art of Umbrella Fencing

When you are a child and you find long pointy things and decide to play sword fights with them, usually a parent or other adult notices and hastily takes them away, warning against the perils of poking your eyes out. “Don’t run with scissors,” they say. “Don’t fight with sticks.” But apparently they forgot to […]

How to Train Your Dirigible

A signature¬†event of the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium was the dirigible races taking place Saturday night. Since I had never witnessed this sport it was at the top of my list of must-sees, but due to the costume contest running over I missed the first several flights. A helpful neighbour quickly filled me in, however, […]

2015 Symposium Games Scoreboard

My name is Caelyn Nagle and I have been the Symposium Games Director since 2013. I kinda stepped in that year out of last minute necessity and the job stuck. ūüôā That being said, another Symposium Games has come to an end, and another trophy has been awarded! This year our Symposium Games champion is […]

Symposium Games – Tea Duelling

As is customary with the Symposium Games, this year we will be holding a Tea Duelling tournament. Ms. Wilhemina Frame MAY be able to host again this year, let’s hope she can make it, otherwise the awesome¬†Captain Anthony LaGrange and Sally Van Eycke will host in her stead. We will be using the rules provided […]

Symposium Games – Twisted Skies Tournament

This year we’ve got a surprise game to bring the games to a close. Registered Symposium Games participants will be playing amongst other non-registered players in an introductory tournament of the new Steampunk card game Twisted Skies! Twisted Skies is an exciting Steampunk themed card game you can play around the table with 4-8 friends. […]

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