Batman Vs. Superman – A Review with Stixen Stones

Stixen’s Spoiler-Free Review Do you enjoy grown men fighting like babies? How about badly developed plot lines? Are you a fan of mecha suits so clunky that they give you a headache? And underdeveloped and underrated female characters? Then this movie is perfect for you! Beware! Spoilers lurk below this point. Also some language, because […]

Medicine Macabre – The Music of Surgery

Who can choose when or where the Muses descend and sow their creative seeds, and significantly, who can decide what form that creativity takes? For example: to some, my work is an abomination. To me, it is art. Suffice it to say, the Muse assigned to Monsieur Maraise was having a particularly bad day when it proffered upon him […]

“Zootopia” Review with Stixen Stones

Stixen’s Spoiler-Free Review Disney has finally stepped up their game with this family friendly discussion about racism, oppression and stereotypes. This story and it’s protagonists will draw you in and keep you enthralled. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be at the edge of your seat. *Beware! Spoilers lurk below this point!*

Film Reviews with a Drag Queen: Gods of Egypt

Spoilers! Although the final fate of the characters is not described, several key plot points are. Therefore, be wary, gentle readers.

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