Steampunk Olympics Registration

A Message from our Olympics Games Master Don Dodson III. Greetings and Salutations! I am the Head Official for this year’s Steampunk Olympics and wanted to share some of my excitement about upcoming event. First, I want to thank everyone who has participated and those who are working diligently behind the scenes to bring the games […]

Steampunk Olympics 2017 – HMAS Dauntless

HMAS Dauntless hails from Columbus, Ohio, and is a group of fine ladies and gents with talent in both building and costuming and great senses of humor. You can’t hang around this group for long without laughter happening! The Dauntless has entered the Symposium Games in years past, putting in a solid effort, with wins […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics – Dodge City Airship

The Dodge City Airship drops anchor after its long journey from Dodge City. A floating casino and saloon that follows the action and comes prepared to compete. This is the Airship’s third year in the games and looks forward to competing in several competitions again this year. The Airship has taken past titles in both Bocce […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics – HMA Queen Elizabeth XV

The great Tudor Star liner HMA Queen Elizabeth XV (QEXV) was founded by actors, participants, and playtrons of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Though we are not strictly made up of said individuals, those who count among our numbers embrace that same mindset we cultivate at the festival; to portray our characters, to be engaging, and […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics – Dirigible Race

Dirigible Race. Presented by Peter Beerslayer & Don Dodson III. If you want to win, you must have you must have a sturdy airship, with a stunning design and deft hand at the controls. The RC Dirigible Race can be raced with one of two options: Ready to fly RC Blimps (you can search online at […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics – Mustache & Beard Contest

Mustache & Beard Contest. Presented by Peter Beerslayer & Don Dodson III. Whiskers are amazing, and if you’ve got glorious whiskers of any sort, this is the place to show them off! Judges will be choosing winners in the categories of: Best Mustache Best Mustache/Beard Combination Best Themed Whiskers Anything goes in terms of creativity and decoration! […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics – Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball. Presented by Peter Beerslayer & Don Dodson III. There are many versions of the rules for Bocce, some that are very complicated and specific, and some that are simpler for those who just like to play. Because of time constraints and space limitations, we’ve chosen a simpler set of the rules for use at […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics – Penny Farthing Races

Penny Farthing Races. Presented by Peter Beerslayer & Don Dodson III. The Penny Farthing Race will be raced with child sized tricycles, but with adult sized drivers. Each competing group or airship must provide three participants: a Driver, and two people to push. For purposes of this competition they will be named Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The […]

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