Star Trekkin Across the Universe!

September 28th, 1987 saw the debut of Star Trek – The Next Generation airing its first episode ever and launching a show that would last seven seasons and spawn two other TV shows and four feature films . . . but earlier that same summer was another Star Trek phenomonina . . . “Star Trekkin” by The Firm!

Sail by Light

It’s a great time to be a space enthusiast. NASA is up to all kinds of cool stuff, the European Space Agency is starting to put their mark on space, and private organizations are springing up all over the place. In addition to commercial space companies like SpaceX, there are non-profit organizations devoted to exploring […]

Welcome to Your Augmented Future

From Star Trek to Caprica, virtual reality has been the subject of science fiction for decades. From holodecks to holobands, writers have dreamed of creating entire fictional worlds that you can see, touch, interact with, and experience.Is this one of those components doomed to remain forever in the “fictional” category of science fiction? Perhaps not. […]

Star Trek & Steampunk

This weekend is the 19th annual Starbase Indy in Indianapolis, Indiana to which myself and a few other Pandora Society folks will be in attendance, but I have no Star Trek attire, so I shall be doing the same thing I did when I first attended the con back in 2011, I shall dress in my Steampunk […]

Weekend Recommendations – November 28th, 2014

It’s time for your weekly report of where we’re going to be this weekend, or where we wish we could be . . .   Friday, November 28th, 2014 Band of Pirates on Black Friday at Om Eco Cafe (8PM – Om Eco Cafe 329 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220) Forget fighting for deals and being […]

Color Me Laser

Lasers are pretty remarkable. We use them for everything from power point presentations to shooting them to the moon and back. You can make laser pointers so bright that you can use them to point at stars in the night sky as if you were pointing at a chart. They’re used in construction work as […]

Warp Factor 9! Engage!

In the series Star Trek, the ships of the Federation, and their many friends and foes, are able to traverse great interstellar distances at speeds many ”factors” beyond the speed of light. In the original Star Trek Tech Manual there is a bizarre method of calculating these speeds that actually takes the speed of galactic […]

Flo Svensson

Steampunk is a genre built on a mash-up. Makers have to dream of the past as they envision the future, and while the results have a distinctive flavor, the genre itself is incredibly hard to describe to newcomers. One of the ways Steampunk is most recognized, however, is when someone inventive decides to ‘Steampunk’ a […]

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