Neil Gaiman’s Tribute to Lovecraft & Sherlock Holmes

I think a bit of serendipity occurred when I found this work via BookBub.
I had just reread and reviewed Roger Zelazny’s take on mixing the world of Lovecraft and Conan Doyle. Now I had the opportunity to read “A Study In Emerald,” by Neil Gaiman, and see how another master storyteller approaches the same set of characters and intermixes the two very diverse story worlds.

In the preface to the collection, Gaiman (2006) explains that he found this to be a unique challenge because the two styles are very much polar opposites. The character of Sherlock Holmes is logical, scientific, and rational. The focus is on solving mysteries and presenting celebrated solutions. Lovecraft’s works proceed on a different basis. Many of his creations were deeply illogical and maintaining the mysteries helped keep humanity sane. “If I was going to tell a story that combined both elements,” Gaiman (2006, pp. 4-5) writes, “There had to be an interesting way to do it that played fair with both Lovecraft and with the creations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.”

From John Steed to Sherlock Holmes

The lives and careers of Patrick Macnee and Christopher Lee possess some remarkable parallels. Both were born in 1922, both were contemporaries at Summerfields preparatory school where they first performed on stage together, they both fought in World War II, they died 18 days apart, and they both played Sherlock Holmes.

Mr Holmes – Sir McKellan as the Great Detective

Sir Ian McKellan plays the role he was made for – the famous Baker Street detective. Sherlock Holmes is the most iconic detective of all time, the mnemonically gifted, clue deducing, dryly sarcastic and insightful sleuth popping up in a range of adaptations and varying visual mediums. Major name actors have graced the persona in big […]

Upcoming “Steampunk” Movies for Summer 2015

Okay they’re not Steampunk Movies, which is why we’re labeling them “Steampunk” movies, as in films that we feel confident Steampunks will enjoy . . . and as far as we can see there aren’t too many “period” films coming out this summer, but’s here’s a couple that might wet the Victorian and Edwardian appetites. […]

“Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes” – Film Review

That’s right, there was another Sherlock Holmes movie that came out around the same time as the Robert Downey Jr. movie and it totally had a dinosaur in it. Didn’t hear about it? I am not at all surprised. I am a huge fan of terrible movies. These are films that you can’t help but laugh at even though […]

Sherlock as Shakespeare – Wait, What?

Sherlock Holmes first appeared in a world without motion pictures. That didn’t stop him, however, from becoming one of the most familiar characters to grace the silver screen. In 1900, the first known movie starring Sherlock Holmes appeared. Since then, dozens of films and television series have grown out of the same original stories by […]

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