Celtic Europe–East of the Sun

Our reading adventures this week take us to very familiar territory–or does it? The Western world has long been credited with producing the best literature, beginning in ancient Greece and Rome, then migrating to England where it has pretty much remained ever since. But before England was invaded six times, producing a race of invaders […]

January 7th, 1894 – Victorian Peep Show Machines

As with most technologies throughout history, the forerunners of its development has been the pornography industry, and perhaps the most prominent of these was the invention of motion picture film. First patented on January 7th, 1894, it did not take long before Scottish inventor William Kennedy Dickson was producing highly profitable films for Peep Show […]

December 14th, 1896 – The Glasgow Subway

The Glasgow Subway is an underground metro line in Glasgow, Scotland. Opened on December 14th, 1896, it is the third-oldest underground metro system in the world after the London Underground and the Budapest Metro.

October 12th, 1823 – The Invention of the Raincoat

Scotland is notorious for its vast amounts of rain and on October 12th, 1823, Charles Macintosh relieved the drenched Scots with the sale of the first raincoat.

This Day in History – March 12th, 1881

Andrew Watson was born May 24th, 1856 and was the son of a wealthy Scottish sugar planter Peter Miller Watson, (the son of James Watson, of Crantit, Orkney, Scotland) and a local British Guianese woman named Hannah Rose. He was educated at King’s College School, in Wimbledon, London, where records show he excelled at sports including […]

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