Your Robot Overlords

As development continues in the field of robotics, fascination increases on the subject of artificial intelligence. Every science fiction author has tackled it–every science genius has worried about it. What if we do succeed in creating intelligent life? How long before it outgrows us and then, inevitably, turns on us? Elon Musk is deeply concerned […]

Positronic Love

There was a sculptor of Ancient Greece by the name of Pygmalion who created a statue of a woman so beautiful and so lifelike that he fell at once in love, and pined away for desire of that which he could not possess. Daily he kissed the statue, and begged her to life, to breath, […]

Symposium Session – Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics Presented by Sir Kenneth Pioforte’ This seminar is to show methods and to encourage the mechanical and electrical animating and manipulation of your “Punked” creations. Our quest for life like robotics and mechanical anima will take us from its mythical beginnings in the 4th century through its practical start in the industrial revolution […]

Animusic: Music, Magic, and Machines

There is a Youtuber called Animusic who makes the most wonderful, fantastical videos of automated, animated, self-playing impossible instruments. Or are they really impossible? Let’s take the “Resonant Chamber” as an example. The instrument itself can probably be built. There doesn’t appear to be any physical limitations in creating a guitar-harp hybrid so complicated no […]

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