The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Review with Stixen Stones

Stixen’s Spoiler Free Review Do you enjoy films that can’t be saved by amazing talent like Charlize Theron? How about convoluted fantasy films so sexist that not even Chris hemsworth’s shoulders and smoldering talent can’t fix? Well then this film is the one for you! Warning! Spoilers fly below this point! So, my opening thoughts […]

“Zootopia” Review with Stixen Stones

Stixen’s Spoiler-Free Review Disney has finally stepped up their game with this family friendly discussion about racism, oppression and stereotypes. This story and it’s protagonists will draw you in and keep you enthralled. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be at the edge of your seat. *Beware! Spoilers lurk below this point!*

Film Reviews with a Drag Queen: Gods of Egypt

Spoilers! Although the final fate of the characters is not described, several key plot points are. Therefore, be wary, gentle readers.

Film Reviews with a Drag Queen: Deadpool! The R-Rated Review!

Please be aware before you continue reading that this is a review Deadpool can be proud of. It includes profanity, discussions of genitalia, and other gross immaturity. More importantly, this review includes SPOILERS. If you do not like them, you should check out the marvelous spoiler-free review by Calamity Dawn. It is wonderful, grade A, […]

Film Reviews with a Drag Queen: The Witch

Stixen’s Spoiler-Free Summary An interesting look into the darker effects of religion as well as folklore. It is very much a mixture between an oil painting, The Crucible and The Village. And while I didn’t particularly like any of the characters, I enjoy that you can truly pick apart of the elements of this film […]

The Queen of the Metropolis

In January of 1984, British rock band Queen released the first single off of their latest album The Works; the song took the British charts by storm, but peaked at number two . . . that song was “Radio Gaga”!

The Art Deco of “Flash Gordon”

There is a cultural phenomenon that affects many people above the age of 30, and especially those over 40, that when they hear the slow thudding rhythm of certain electric bass string . . . dum, dum, dum, dum, dum . . . that have no control over the imminent outburst of “FLASH! Ahhh-ahhhh!” Yes! We’re talking […]

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