And the Winner Is…

After a long night partying and a long day playing Centipede, the guests of Pandoracon 2016 were eager to learn how their Houses had performed. It had been a long weekend. Apart from the live action arcade games, there were actual video game tournaments and other participatory events where attendees vied for points. Over the […]

Pacman Live

Yesterday, brave volunteers from the four Houses of Pandoracon faced a legion of hungry ghosts as they fought to collect points. Live action Pacman drew players of all ages to tread the maze in the Blue Ash room. Each House began with three lives. Their goal? Collect every point in the maze, regardless of the […]

Fantastic Beasts and How to Fight Them – Monster Hunting 101

As darkness settled over the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza, Nathan Shrider stood in a darkened room before a host of both seasoned and novice monster hunters. They came to learn about the monsters under the bed, the creatures in the woods, and the horrors stalking the bright lights of civilization. And they were not disappointed. […]

Pandoracon Opening Ceremonies!

Pandoracon returned this weekend with dramatic, 80’s flavored style. Guests decked in lights and leather gathered in the Blue Ash room for announcements and an introduction to the four Queens and King of the corporate Houses of Pandoracon. Under the monarachs’ scrutiny, Aloysius Fox presented the rules of the games, the basics of the House […]

Plan for This Year’s Events

With a new year comes new adventures, and we want to help you enjoy as many as you can with as little stress as possible. While many ill-prepared adventurers may have gone on quests without their pocket handkerchiefs, there is no reason you must lose sleep and stomach lining. So here’s an overview of The […]

The Pandoracon Countdown . . .

Today marks exactly one year until the re-opening of Pandoracon, our science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and general fandom convention in Cincinnati, Ohio . . . essentially it is The Pandora Society dot com live, and then a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Alien Species at the First Pandoracon

Today we take a look back at the conclusion of the very first Pandoracon and an innovative survey that was conducted by Gintia Peaseblossom, the Queen of Diamonds for 2012. At Pandoracon 2012, Her Grace the Queen of Diamonds recorded the identities of as many members assigned to the House of Diamonds as possible. Since she […]

The Return of Pandoracon!

It’s official! Next year, Pandoracon is coming back to Cincinnati! Last week we ran a poll about bringing back Pandoracon and the response was an immediate and overwhelming YES! Initially it was proposed for November 2015, but given the enthusiastic response we have decided that the convention that you all deserve will take more than […]

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