Pandora Cinematheque – Alma

An innocent young girl discovers a strange and mysterious toy shop with a curiously familiar doll in the window…

Pandora Cinematheque – Vampires From Mars?

When you’re a drunk at a small-time bar somewhere in Texas, you’d think nothing of a smooth-tongued, clean shaven, irritatingly friendly young man who tries to tell you a story. That is, until he buys you a beer. And then tells you he’s an alien. Our latest Pandora Cinematheque offering is Bar Talk – enjoy!

Pandora Cinematheque – Ambition

‘Ambition‘, starring Aiden Gillen from Game of Thrones, not only succeeds as a stunning piece of public relations work to vividly showcase the incredible 2014 Rosetta deep-space mission, but also as a gorgeous science fiction short film.

Pandora Cinematheque: Heart Pumping Oil

I never cease to be amazed by both the quantity and quality of short films that are continuously breaking onto the internet. I ran across this 2014 piece by writer/director Ben Juhl by chance, and I was blown away by his ability to fit in so much story into such the short time frame that […]

Pandora Cinematheque: Paths of Hate

“Paths of Hate is a short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage.”

Pandora Cinematheque: The Lady ParaNorma

Vincent Marcone is talented artist who creates hauntingly beautiful artwork which he showcases on his website, My Pet Skeleton. In 2013 he expanded his repertoire by writing and directing a short film called The Lady ParaNorma. 

Pandora Cinematheque: The Maker

“A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.”

Pandora Cinematheque: The Backwater Gospel

If you enjoy frontier-western style ambiance, gratuitous mob violence and old-timey religious revivalism, then this film is for you. The Undertaker is coming to town, but whose corpse does he intend to claim? Yours? Mine? Or everyone’s. (A warning – this little gem is extremely violent – which isn’t a bad thing)

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