The Time Travelers are Coming

Although the start of The Ohio Renaissance Festival is always good news to those in the Midwest, the second annual arrival of the festival’s Time Travelers’ Weekend is especially exciting. It is the chance every cosplayer dreams of: going back in time, in character, for a chance to watch Queen Elizabeth call for the Doctor’s […]

Time Travelers’ Weekend in Review!

This weekend saw the first official Time Travelers’ weekend unfold at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, and the steampunks, fandoms, and cosplayers turned out in force. Although there were very few official changes to the venue/shows/etc. for the theme, there was a very clear and happy nod to the assortment of time travelers who descended upon […]

Time Travelers’ Weekend at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

This weekend will witness a first in the history of the Ohio Renaissance Festival . . . an official weekend for all the Steampunks, Doctors, and other intergalactic space and time travelers who converge on reign of Queen Elizabeth I in Waynesville, Ohio.

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