Does Anyone Remember “Ark II”?

Nostalgia has an increasingly powerful effect on a person’s ability to judge the entertainment value of various media types.  It seems the older a person becomes the more this fact becomes clear. Having just celebrated another birthday, I am even more aware of the effect nostalgia has on my choice of electronic entertaiment, be it […]

Favorite Board Games

I’ve played a lot of games in my life. Not as much as many other people I’ve known, but enough. Whether it was role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, card games like Rummy or Poker, action games like Airsoft or NERF war, Live Action Role Playing games like Vampire the masquerade, or miniature tabletop […]

The Nostalgia Effect – Otherworld

The Nostalgia Effect can make you love shows that suck, sometimes it makes you love shows that you KNOW suck. This is one of those shows. Show: Otherworld Original Run: January 1985 – March 1985 No. of Episodes: 8 This is likely the shortest lasting awesomely bad television show I’ll ever write about in this […]

Birth year movies

I blogged about this years ago on my personal blog, but I think those at will get a kick out of this exercise too, so I’m going to revisit it. http:/ , which is my defacto source for movie data (not necessarily movie details) has a database that is useful for all kinds of […]

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