May 7th, 1915 – German Submarine Sinks Passenger Ship!

The sinking of the Cunard ocean liner RMS Lusitania occurred on May 7th, 1915 during the First World War, as Germany waged submarine warfare against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The ship was identified and torpedoed by the German U-boat U-20 and sank in 18 minutes. The vessel went down 11 miles […]

This Day in History – March 11th, 1916

USS Nevada (BB-36), the second United States Navy ship to be named after the 36th state, was the lead ship of the two Nevada-class battleships; her sister ship was Oklahoma. Commissioned on March 11th, 1916, the Nevada was a leap forward in dreadnought technology; four of her new features would be included on almost every subsequent US battleship: […]

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