Interview with Rachel Aaron–East of the Sun

This week, please welcome author Rachel Aaron for a discussion of how she uses North and South American mythology in her urban fantasy series about anthropomorphic feathered dragons. It’s sounds adorable, but has nearly Jim Butcher levels of intensity and pain. “No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished” is the third book in the series, and comes […]

North and South America–East of the Sun

At last we come to the part of the world with which most of you are probably most familiar. Or are you? The United States of America is a very young country; only a little over two hundred years old. It isn’t just politically young, it is culturally young. The vast majority of all US […]

Zombies from Around the World

What does the Walking Dead and the Holy Grail have in common? Both are interpretations of an ancient Welsh legend involving a large cauldron and the world’s very first walking dead.

How To Create A Universe

So your ambitions have moved on from ruling the world to ruling the universe. Your mad scientist tendencies have finally gone beyond resurrecting the dead, to creating entire worlds. But how do you go about doing that? How did the current universe even get here? If you wanted to become a god, where would you […]

One Ring to Rule Them All

Tolkien’s one ring has been striking fear into the hearts of Hobbits and Geeks everywhere for sixty years. But what are the origins of the ring? Is it an invention of Tolkien’s imagination? Or did he borrow it, as he borrowed so much else, from classic myth? Meanwhile, this meme has been making the rounds, […]

Welcome to January

Way back at the dawn of calendrical time (about 800 BC give or take a few centuries) there were only ten months in the calender. They were named, rather sensibly, “First Month,” “Second Month,” etc. We remnants of these names in the months of September (seventh month), October (eighth month), November (ninth month), and December […]

Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe

Then the woman asked: ‘Have all things taken oaths to spare Baldr?’ and Frigg answered: ‘There grows a tree-sprout alone westward of Valhall: it is called Mistletoe; I thought it too young to ask the oath of.’ Then straightway the woman turned away; but Loki took Mistletoe and pulled it up and went to the […]

Myth versus Marvel

Thor is best known today as one of the Avengers, and his brother Loki is the villain we most love to hate. But they’ve been around for much longer than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thousands of years longer, in fact. For those of us who grew up on mythology, it can be amusing to watch […]

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