Obduction Release

In 1993 a little game called Myst changed the world. Created by two brothers in their garage, it stayed the best selling game for ten years and garnered four sequels, three novels, and more rumours about a movie than anything can keep up with any more. The last game in the Myst franchise was released in […]

Puzzle Castles

There is nothing more delightfully steampunk than a castle made of gears and levers that changes shape when you press the right buttons. Myst is probably one of the originators of this theme, seeing as how steam-powered puzzles are their stock-in-trade. But they are far from being the only ones. While we’ve yet to have […]

Myst Comes to Hulu

On Tuesday, May 5th it was announced that Rand Miller and other members of Cyan had signed on Hulu, the popular streaming service, to help create a TV series based around the popular and surreal adventure game, Myst. Cyan created Myst in the early 90s, and immediately the adventure game series that took the world […]

Symposium Session – Mystology 101

Mystology 101:The people of D’Ni and their lost civilization. Presented by Michelle Boice & Thomas Boice Delve deep into the core of many worlds as we explore the lost subterranean culture of the D’ Ni. If you’ve ever played the video game Myst, you have begun a journey into an elaborate world explored through three novels and […]

The Science of Myst

Myst is a ground breaking video game released in 1990. Created by a couple of programmers in their garage nobody could have predicted its success. When a game sells over a million copies upon release you don’t leave it as it is, so what started as a standalone expanded quickly to a series. Today Myst […]

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