5 (Last Minute) Costume Ideas for Midsummer Masquerade

The 2016 Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade is officially one month away. What does that mean for you? Well, if you’ve already planned your costume, then you can continue plucking along – provided that plan included some construction time, and you haven’t caved to the Lords of Procrastination. Still, if you at least know what you’re doing, […]

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 6

If you don’t have your mask for the Midsummer Masquerade by now, you’re probably panicking. But don’t worry. We have the ultimate last minute mask that is not only cheap and easy, but also extremely unique.

Midsummer Vendor – Bree Orlock Designs

There will plenty to see and do at the Midsummer Masquerade, and the Magical Market is one attraction you don’t want to miss . . . we shall have many fantastical vendors including . . .

The Midsummer Masquerade Menu

In addition to a full cash bar, the Moonlite Gardens will be providing a concession menu for the Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade for when you get hungry.

Parking & Teens at the Midsummer Masquerade

For the past five years the Midsummer Masquerade has been held at Loveland Castle, and we miss it greatly, but the show has outgrown its original home in many ways, and parking was one of them. We are glad to announce that parking will most definitely not be an issue this year . . . […]

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 5

Some masks make a statement. Some are downright sexy. Some protect superheroes’ identities. And some are barely there at all. If you want to create an ethereal appearance, or you want to get some really funny double takes, try making an invisible mask. It’s a very easy bit of wizardry.

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 4

  It’s difficult to find a comfortable mask. It’s even harder to find a comfortable mask that still makes you feel alluring. Plastic and leather will make you sweat in a nice, air conditioned room. If you wear such a mask to an outdoor event, your make-up will survive approximately 5.3 seconds. Here is an […]

SpaceFairy – Midsummer Masquerade

The Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade is a delightful dance of fairy folk and revelers, so who better to light up the night with fire than SpaceFairy!?

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