Symposium Session – Paranormal Q&A with the Ghosthunters

Paranormal Q&A with the Ghosthunters Presented by Grant Wilson & Michael Richie Steampunk and the paranormal go hand in hand. Here is your chance to ask any question you may have of respected paranormal investigator Grant Wilson of TAPS and Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and  Michael Richie, also a well respected investigator. These two have investigated together […]

An Interview with Ghost Busting Gamers, Grant Wilson and Mike Richie

Grant Wilson is best known as one of the co-founders The Atlantic Paranormal Society from which sprang the shows Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Hunters Academy.  In recent years Grant and his childhood friend, Michael Richie joined forces to form a gaming company, Rather Dashing Games.  These industrious gentlemen now have published five […]

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