Arsenal Best Interview

Steampunk: a world where a Gatling gun takes on the shape of a frog and treks in space take a step back in time. Always a surprise, Arsenal Best’s work covers a whimsical range of subjects and styles, but always comes back to the same thematic core. Craftsmanship and innovation set Arsenal’s work apart. We […]

Maker Interview: Sierra

Artists come in all shapes and sizes – as does the art they create. Meet Sierra, who builds her art from the inside out. Plushies, traditional art, digital illustration, and three dimensional models all emerge from her work space, filling out her portfolio or finding new homes via Etsy. What was your artistic gateway drug, […]

What’s in the Box?

Not many shops can claim their own coat of arms, and even fewer have a back story so deeply involved as Bone Shaker Boxes. The crest, which is hand-drawn, borrows elements from England’s Coat of Arms and adopted the motto and seal of Britain’s original secret service(“Regius specialis muneris. Deficio est non an bene,” or […]

Symposium Session – Lights, Sound, Action!

Lights, Sound, Action! Presented by Brett King Tips for beginners and experts alike for adding lights, sound, and motion to your steampunk props. Allegedly dangerous devices will be demonstrated. Presented as a panel with a discussion on a variety of steampunk props and weapons (all non-functional, with a fantastical appearance). Construction techniques, parts, and suppliers will […]

Symposium Session – Make a Pet Squid

Make a Pet Squid Presented by Pixie Come make a squid with us, all ages are welcome. Instructions and materials will be supplied as you make your new pet. A few pre made squid will be available for younger patrons to personalize and take home. This is a hand on maker workshop geared towards families and children, but […]

Symposium Session – Beyond Paint & Nerf Guns

Beyond Paint & Nerf Guns Presented by Colonel Octavius Fogg Beyond paint and nerf guns, building fantastic weapons and accessories with metal, plastic, iron, and wood. Learn simple ways to build the incredible steampunk weapons and accessories that you see for very high prices on auction websites. Discover how to find materials like copper tubing, clock parts, […]

Symposium Session – The Maker’s Toolbox

The Maker’s Toolbox Presented by Brett King Award-winning maker Brett King shows you the common and uncommon tools that can be used for building great steampunk props. Brett will open up his toolbox (literally) to show the tools he uses to make his steampunk props. The discussion will range from basic hand tools for working wood, […]

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