Symposium Session – Crime and Punishment in Victorian Britain

Crime and Punishment in Victorian Britain Presented by Lucretia Strange Victorian outlooks guide changing approaches to crime and punishment in the 19th century.

Symposium Session – Creating a Character through Costume and Manner

Creating a Character through Costume and Manner Presented by Lucretia Strange Learn the basics of creating a steampunk persona.

Finding the Satan of The Satan Pit

Following the Doctor through time is easy enough. However, I confess it is currently beyond even my technology to follow him off-world. Still, travelers of time and space talk, people write things down and pass stories along, and so tales of distant galaxies more than occasionally find their way back to earth. You find them […]

Empty London: Sheltering from the Blitz

My constant quest for the Doctor brings me to London, late 1940, experiencing life during the Blitz and making me perhaps want my mummy just a little bit.

The Rise and Fall of Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat

It was announced last week that Steven Moffat, Doctor Who showrunner since season 5, would be leaving after season 10 to be replaced by Chris Chibnall.  A great chorus erupted from many fans:  good riddance. How did we come to this?

Wasted Potential: Doctor Who’s “Hell Bent”

The net is dark and full of spoilers!  This article discusses the Doctor Who episode “Hell Bent,” as well as other events in season 9. “Hell Bent” had loads of promise.  It immediately picks up after “Heaven Sent,” destined to be a NuWho classic, and the trailer for “Hell Bent” was absolutely fantastic in setting […]

The Weight of Sacrifice: Countdown to the Doctor Who Season Finale

The net is dark and full of spoilers. This review discusses incidents which occur in the Doctor Who episodes “Face the Raven” and “Heaven Sent.” Steven Moffat is poised to cap an already excellent season with a terrific three-part finale, two of which have now aired. A lot happened in those two episodes, and a […]

Fair of Mad Science at TeslaCon VI

For the fifth year, the Promethean Society has presented the Fair of Mad Science at TeslaCon VI, where builders display all manner of working gadgets and non-working props. And for the fifth year, I continue to be amazed by the entries. People submit all manner of props: rocket packs, weapons, detectors, time machines, breathing apparatus, […]

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