One Ring to Rule Them All

Tolkien’s one ring has been striking fear into the hearts of Hobbits and Geeks everywhere for sixty years. But what are the origins of the ring? Is it an invention of Tolkien’s imagination? Or did he borrow it, as he borrowed so much else, from classic myth? Meanwhile, this meme has been making the rounds, […]

An American Shire?

The Tolkienites are at it again, this time on the other side of the Atlantic. About one week ago, yet another ambitious IndieGoGo campaign popped out of The Lord of the Rings and into the wonderful world of crowdfunding. This time, the hopeful team (Shire America) has proposed a replica of the Shire. In New […]

Minas Tirith: A Hobbit’s Pipe Dream?

In a day and age when we can literally visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, have tea with Alice, and experience a world made of giant Legos, it is not so surprising that fans of unrealized epics are turning to crowd funding to launch their dreams. The scale of their dreams is, however, a […]

Sir Christopher Lee’s Top Five Movie Roles.

For many, British actor Sir Christopher Lee seemed like one of those ageless people who might go on forever, a person who might actually be as immortal as the infamous vampire whom he portrayed so many times on the big screen. On June 7th, 2015, however, Lee’s body finally failed what seems like an unstoppable spirit, […]

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