Empty London: Sheltering from the Blitz

My constant quest for the Doctor brings me to London, late 1940, experiencing life during the Blitz and making me perhaps want my mummy just a little bit.

From Hell – Movie Review

Jack the Ripper, the nickname given to a serial killer immortalized in the London newspapers of 1888, was a gruesome departure from our prim and proper view of the Victorian era. Because of the distinctive way the killer(s) dispensed his victims, the string of murders committed in the East End neighborhoods like White Chapel and Aldgate […]

This Day in History – December 8th, 1660

Typically our time travels tend to remain in the 19th century, but today we are surfing the time vortex back to the mid 17th century and landing in London, England on Saturday, December 8th, 1660. The English Civil War that raged between 1642 and 1651 brought about many changes; one that resulted in King Charles the […]

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