Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Cure Baldness and Colds!

In all fairness, this installation of Remedies shouldn’t be attributed to me at all, but moreso to the great and evangelical John Wesley, whose solutions to everyday maladies of the body are both terrifying and highly amusing. We’ve encountered his crackpot cures before with the explosively disgusting and agonizing Iliac Passion. Must we mock the man who […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Intestines and Puppies

Welcome to another edition of Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies. I suppose that this weeks edition might leave you with what could be considered the epitome of mixed feelings, ranging from extremes of both the adorable and the stomach clenching. If you’re eating, I suggest you put it aside for a moment. Don’t forget, ‘aww’ and ‘eww’ are but a vowel apart… […]

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