Jonesing for Jessica

-There be Spoilers ahead- Following in the shadowy footsteps of the successful Daredevil, Marvel and Netflix have recently launched Jessica Jones on an unsuspecting audience. Daredevil at least had a movie to introduce the character to mainstream viewers, but as far as Marvel heroes go Jessica Jones is not the best known. Like Supergirl this […]

AKA Gaslighting: Killgrave and His Mirrors

“I haven’t killed anyone.” Instead of trying to copy the thrill of Daredevil and its political scheming, the creators of Jessica Jones took a different path to hell. Where Matt faces physical and social injustice with villains to match, Jessica is caught in a world of psychological abuse, and Killgrave is the physical embodiment of […]

Super-Noir: Jessica Jones

Netflix’s Jessica Jones is Marvel’s next step into a little genre I like to call Super-Noir. The best known – and most obvious – example of the quasi-genre is probably Sin City, but Sin City’s aim is less super and more noir. It technically belongs to a category called “neo-noir,” but the comics and the […]

Netflix Teaser for Jessica Jones is Dead On

The teaser trailer for Netflix’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones dropped last week, and it’s the most relatable trailer you’ve ever seen. It’s short. It’s sweet. It fulfills our deepest fantasies and triggers some painful empathy. It also gives fans of the Marvel comics high hopes for the new series.

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