Celtic Europe–East of the Sun

Our reading adventures this week take us to very familiar territory–or does it? The Western world has long been credited with producing the best literature, beginning in ancient Greece and Rome, then migrating to England where it has pretty much remained ever since. But before England was invaded six times, producing a race of invaders […]

January 6th, 1839 – The Night of the Big Wind

The Night of the Big Wind (Irish: Oíche na Gaoithe Móire) was a powerful European windstorm which swept without warning across Ireland beginning in the afternoon of January 6th, 1839, causing severe damage to property and several hundred deaths; 20% to 25% of houses in north Dublin were damaged or destroyed, and 42 ships were […]

December 29th, 1916 – “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the first novel by James Joyce, was first published as a book on December 29th, 1916 by an American publishing house B. W. Huebschis after it had been serialized in The Egoist (1914–15).

December 28th, 1918 – Countess Markievicz

Countess Constance Georgine Markievicz was an Irish Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil politician, revolutionary nationalist, suffragette and socialist. On December 28th, 1918, while detained in Holloway prison, she was the first woman elected to the British House of Commons, though she did not take her seat and, along with the other Sinn Féin TDs, formed the […]

December 8th, 1922 – The Anglo-Irish Treaty

It was on December 8th, 1922 that Northern Ireland ceased to be part of the Irish Free State.

November 28th, 1905 – Ireland’s Declaration of Independence

On November 28th, 1905, Irish nationalist Arthur Griffith founded Sinn Féin (“We Ourselves”) as a political party with the main aim of establishing a dual monarchy in Ireland. 

April 25th, 1916 – Martial Law Declared in Ireland!

The Easter Rising, also known as the Easter Rebellion, was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916. The Rising was mounted by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland, secede from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and establish an independent Irish Republic while the United Kingdom was heavily engaged in […]

This Day in History – December 13th, 1867

Fenian was an umbrella term for the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), fraternal organizations dedicated to the establishment of an independent Irish Republic in the 19th and early 20th century. The name Fenian was first applied by John O’Mahony to the members of the Irish republican group that he founded in the United […]

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