Storytelling with Quill at the Steampunk Symposium

If you were not in the storytelling circle with Quill on Friday night, or if you missed the Jabberwocky interactive theatre on Saturday, then this post will make sure that you never do so again.

Up, Up, and Away! Dirigible Racing at the Symposium

Lasers! Gas! Whirling propellers! Action and adventure has never been so colorful, shiny, and reluctant to fly in the right direction. It is the 2016 Dirigible Races. Who won? Who lost? Who made the most snarky comments?

Dr. Pembroke at the International Steampunk Symposium

As night fell on Cincinnati, Ohio, the jolly mood of the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium assumed a darker cast. Secreted away in an abandoned panel room, Dr. Pembroke prepared to address his assembled colleagues. The atmosphere of the room, however, seemed to lend itself towards murderous malpractice more than modern medicine.

A Pot Named Spot–Teapot Racing Report

Three things are required in a good racing teapot: speed, agility, and traction. Without these elements, a simple obstacle course can come to quickly resemble a popular murder mystery board game. It was the teapot, in the atrium, with the candlestick.

Presenter Application – International Steampunk Symposium 2016

The next International Steampunk Symposium is not until April 2016, but we are so excited to hear your presentation proposals for our theme “Adventures in Wonderland” that we have opened our invitation for submissions far earlier than we have ever done before. Loading…

The Forbidden Art of Umbrella Fencing

When you are a child and you find long pointy things and decide to play sword fights with them, usually a parent or other adult notices and hastily takes them away, warning against the perils of poking your eyes out. “Don’t run with scissors,” they say. “Don’t fight with sticks.” But apparently they forgot to […]

2015 International Steampunk Symposium Entertainment Poll

The Pandora Society wants to hear from you! Let us know what you thought of the entertainment this  year, and what you’d like to see in the future in the poll below! Loading…  

The Symposium Ambassador Program

What is the International Steampunk Symposium Ambassador Program? It’s a fantastic opportunity to help the Symposium grow in 2016. It’s an excellent opportunity to save money off of Symposium tickets. It’s an awesome opportunity to earn some exclusive Symposium swag, but the International Steampunk Symposium Ambassador Program is not open to just anyone . . […]

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