Symposium Entertainment – Doctor Q

Doctor Q is the resident MC and DJ of Speakeasy Electro Swing Atlanta. When not spinning tunes, he is also the Alternate History Track Director at Dragon Con, as well as the Executive Director for the Artifice Club.

Symposium Entertainment – Valentine Wolfe

Formed in 2006, Valentine Wolfe is the combined effort of the Lady Sarah Black and Braxton Ballew. Imagine Sarah Brightman being backed by Francois Rabbath blowing through a Marshall stack at midnight.  Having dubbed their music “Victorian Chamber metal”, the duo have synthesized a love of metal, classical, and industrial, infusing them with a Victorian […]

The Symposium Curiosities Exhibit

It’s that time of year again; time to prepare to show us your best and most creative artifacts. There are three categories: Weaponry: This covers all armaments from smallish to not-too-biggish. They can be swords, pistols, rifles, crossbows, bow and arrow, slingshots, etc. The item can be no longer than 24”. We will not turn […]

Sympsoium Entertainment – Zahara’s Tangled Web

Zahara‘s Tangled Web provides eclectic belly dance fusion performances throughout the Cincinnati Tri-State area.  They have performed at the Cincinnati Witches Ball, Voodoo Carnival, and Midsummer Masquerade, as well as many festivals and private parties. The troupe looks forward to shimmying down the rabbit hole at this year’s International Steampunk Symposium during Friday night’s show as […]

Symposium Entertainment – Gandersnitch the Goblin

Gandersnitch the Goblin, the Banished Barber of Goblonia, has been declared by some to be the 9th wonder of the world… He dumped her shortly thereafter though, because anyone that attracted to goblins has to be slightly unstable.

Symposium Games & Contests – Swimsuit Contest

Swimsuit Contest – The Walrus and The Carpenter’s Oysters “’O Oysters, come and walk with us!’ The Walrus did beseech. ‘A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach.’” It’s time for a pleasant walk along the briny beach with the Walrus and the Carpenter. Make sure you’re wearing your most flattering beach wear! Every oyster can […]

Symposium Entertainment – Gin Rebellion

The Gin Rebellion is the musical collective formed by Jason Bush and Nick Picard, joined by Catherine Barson Eastis and Austin Sirkin. Together they perform music in a manner never before heard in this century or any other. They draw inspiration from Vaudeville, early American folk, musical theater, and various regions of Eastern Europe and […]

Symposium Games & Contests – Ladies’ Pinup Contest

Ladies’ Pinup Contest—The Pawn Becomes Queen “’But how can it have got there without my knowing it?’ she said to herself, as she lifted it off, and set it on her lap to make out what it could possibly be. It was a golden crown.” Every pawn deserves the chance to be a queen! Will YOU be the pinup […]

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