Mediterranea and Africa–East of the Sun

This week we’re visiting a very interesting part of the world. You know it as the home of olives and pasta, and maybe the beginnings of civilization. It’s the Mediterranean Sea, with all of it’s surrounding countries. Let me list off some of the important ones for you.

Fantastic Replicas of Famous Things

It’s a big world and there’s so much to see! So many important historic and architectural wonders are located all over the globe and there’s only so much the average tourist can see in a lifetime. Not to worry, though! Plenty of people have been building replicas of famous things to save us the trouble […]

Mythological Steampunk

Steampunk is most traditionally associated with the Victorian era–with top hats and hot air balloons and fob watches and Jules Verne. But the existence of fantastic technology in historical settings predates the 18th century by several thousand years. What’s more amazing to contemplate than a steam-powered space ship? Giant robots in Ancient Greece. Aside from […]

Ancient Computers

Raise your hand if you know how computers work. Now keep it up if you actually know, and don’t just have a vague idea. That’s more like it. I can’t actually see your hands, but I’m guessing that unless you’re a computer science major you have to admit that a large part of the functioning […]

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