Leeches and Lightning – The Tempest Prognosticator

One of the most peculiar and fascinating devices of the nineteenth century was to be found at the Great Exhibition of Nations in Crystal Garden in 1851, a device that encapsulates the very best and the strangest of our magnificent era. The contraption in question was named the Atmospheric Electromagnetic Telegraph conducted by Animal Instinct, or to […]

The Crystal Palace: Victorian Era Science, Technology, & Industry at its Best

The Crystal Palace, a giant glass and iron exhibition hall built in Hyde Park, housed the 1851 Great Exhibition of The Works of Industry of All Nations. Many consider this remarkable structure to be one of the touchstones of Victorian England—an intrinsic part of the cultural system that both shaped and reflected the nation’s values. Sir Joseph Paxton’s design made such an impact in the field of architecture that replicas of the structure were built in Spain and the United States. Yet such were mainstream British attitudes toward foreign influence during the Victorian era that the construction of The Crystal Palace, and the Great Exhibition, almost didn’t occur.

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