The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 61: Interview with Amanda Gilliam – Part Two!

Today, we have part two of our interview with the awesome Amanda Gilliam! You can listen to part one at You can find Amanda Gilliam on the ‘webz by checking out the following links… Her site: You can listen to her podcast LIVE on Tuesdays at 7pm est at: Give her Facebook page a like […]

Ravenwood Castle

Hocking Hills, the green jewel hidden in southeast Ohio, boasts the kind of scenery one would expect in a feature fantasy film. Hollows offer glimpses of unspoiled wildlife. Towering trees line streams cut deep between the foothills. The parks offer an escape to another world. The only thing missing is a castle . . . […]

Illuminated Menagerie – DIY on a Budget

With the introduction of the new year and the ending of the holiday season, we are surrounded by clearance sales. This is a wonderful time for crafters. Hello, LED Christmas lights! But what to do with your haul? Have any faeries the attic? A manticore loose in the garden? A few small dragons in need […]

Steampunk Santa!

He sees you when you’re crafting. He knows when you procrastinate. He knows if you use gears or cogs – and he sat down for an interview with the Pandora Society. Tom Pellitieri, better known to many as Steampunk Santa, can be found year ‘round at various conventions and events, with or without goggles. During […]

Doktor A

It’s impossible to tell where childhood ends and adult concerns begin. Somewhere along the way, we are expected to leave behind certain forms and pursuits. Monsters and imaginary friends ought to be handed off to charity along with the little coats we’ve outgrown and those terrible Christmas sweaters we’ve managed to wear only once. So […]

How to Make an Aether Lamp on a Budget

Fun, easy, and – most importantly – shiny. Aether lamps look awesome at home, as part of a cosplay, or even as desk swag.They are also easy to make. Here’s how to capture a little aether of your own. Supplies: Mason jar – Preferably textured (diamond-cut), in any size you desire, though smaller jars are […]

Calamity’s Creative Mixology

Let me start out by saying that I am not real expert in the art of mixology. I kind of stumbled into the title; one might even say I drunkenly staggered into it. That being said, I have done a fair bit of research on the subject, and I’ve conducted numerous experiments in the field. […]

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