Jolly Crouton and the Buswick

This month, Jolly Crouton Media is holding the third annual Buswick – a competition for independent game developers (or, according to the official Buswick website, “an independent game development party”). Every year has a different theme to inspire creators, and this year’s theme is Daffy Inventions. Clayton Belcher, the man behind the bowler hat, took […]

Virtual Revolution – Gaming Takes the Big Screen

The line between reality and virtual reality shrinks with every passing day. Although science fiction has addressed computer games many times in the past, recent inventions in the gaming world and the public’s growing acceptance of “extreme” gaming lifestyles has sparked new ideas. After his short film “Cassandra” won dozens of awards and appeared in […]

Cincinnati Geek Club – July 2015 Report

Yesterday evening 50+ people came out for our third Cincinnati Geek Club; since its reboot in May more and more people are coming to Molly Malone’s to eat, drink, game, and geek out on their favorite fandoms.

Symposium Session – Steampunk Vampire LARP Game

Steampunk Vampire LARP Game Presented by Drew Profit It’s a new night filled with old struggles as ancient immortals prepare their machinations against the greatest threats they’ve ever known – each other, and themselves. This session will give you an introduction to LARP in general, Vampire The Masquerade and the World of Darkness as a setting, […]

Symposium Session – Mystology 101

Mystology 101:The people of D’Ni and their lost civilization. Presented by Michelle Boice & Thomas Boice Delve deep into the core of many worlds as we explore the lost subterranean culture of the D’ Ni. If you’ve ever played the video game Myst, you have begun a journey into an elaborate world explored through three novels and […]

Vessel – Game Review

(Dr. Pembroke is taking a couple of weeks off from his endless, er, I mean, extremely informative medical essays for the time being (he’s in Venice or something – bodies are cheap there) and so he left me, Daniel, in charge. I have to write some articles, feed the Caged Ones, and also the cat. At least […]

Orange Ribbons and LARP’ing at the Symposium

Perhaps the biggest dichotomy in the Steampunk Community is between those who like to role play a Steampunk persona in Live Action Role Play (LARP) sense, and those who just like to dress in fancy clothes and do it more for the lifestyle. On the surface there really is no way to distinguish them apart, which […]

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