Mad Max – The Liberation of Nux

These last few weeks there has been much praise and much criticism of the feminist aspects of the new film Mad Max – Fury Road, and last week we posted how the film is The Greatest Feminist Action Movie Ever! There has been a lot of focus on the character of Furiosa (Charlize Theron), the Wives, and […]

The Greatest Feminist Action Movie Ever!

As if responding the turmoil caused by the Twitterverse’s accusations of Joss Whedon betraying Black Widow as a strong female character in the Action Movie genre, along came Furiosa (Charlize Theron) like a valkyrie of feminist justice! Not only was Mad Max – Fury Road the most refreshing action movie to have burst on the screen in decades, […]

May 10th, 1872 – A Female U.S. President?

Victoria Claflin Woodhull, later Victoria Woodhull Martin, was an American leader of the woman’s suffrage movement. On May 10th, 1872, Woodhull became the first female candidate for President of the United States. An activist for women’s rights and labor reforms, Woodhull was also an advocate of free love, by which she meant the freedom to marry, divorce, and bear […]

The Black Widow Conundrum and Joss Whedon

Warning: Here there be Spoilers The twitterverse exploded this week with @josswhedon being flooded with accusations of misogyny, a bizarre situation considering he’s famous for strong female characters. He did give us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, after all, featuring TVs strong female lead since the 1970s Wonder Woman. When someone asked, “So, why do you […]

April 4th, 1887 – America’s First Female Mayor

Despite not actually having the right to vote in elections until 1920, Susanna Salter was elected mayor of Argonia, Kansas on April 4th, 1887, becoming the first female mayor in the United States.  Although her term was uneventful, her election generated worldwide interest from the press, sparking a debate regarding the feasibility of other towns […]

This Day in History – March 8th, 1910

In October 1909, Raymonde de Laroche appealed to her friend, aviator and aeroplane builder Charles Voisin, to instruct her in how to fly. On October 22nd, 1909, de Laroche went to the Voisin brothers’ base of operations at Chalons, 90 miles (140 km) east of Paris. Voisin’s aircraft could only seat one person, so she operated the plane […]

Symposium Session – Intrepid Victorian Women Adventurers

Intrepid Victorian Women Adventurers Presented by Jennie Gist & Edwina Tweed From all around the world, adventurous Victorian women traveled; find out who they were, what motivated them, the challenges they faced, how they differed from male explorers, and the legacies they left.   Speakers: Jennie Gist is a longtime book editor, writer, reenactor and historical researcher. […]

This Day in History – March 4th, 1917

Elected by the state of Montana, Jeannette Pickering Rankin (June 11, 1880 – May 18, 1973) became the first female member of the United States House of Representatives, taking office on March 4th, 1917. After being elected on November 7th, 1916, she said, “I may be the first woman member of Congress but I won’t be the last.” Rankin’s first campaign […]

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