J.J. Abrams, Fate, and the Force: Predicting Abrams’ Influence on Episode 8

The bad news is: J. J. Abrams isn’t going to direct Star Wars Episode 8. The good news is: he’s set the wheel in motion, and when Abrams shoves in one direction, subsequent writers and directors are bound to follow a similar course. Mostly. What’s more, we know that Abrams likes the postulated script for […]

Wheelworks: Ice Domes of the Bandit Queen – Episode 7: Battlefield

Wheelworks by KT Sebastian Part one: Ice Domes of the Bandit Queen Episode 7 –  Battlefield Cover art by RJ Cote/Kikuchiyo Last episode, Lee and Brand, hiding from Captain Kerry, set out on skis to find the airship wreck. The Don Juan, pursuing them, suddenly flees when an enormous zeppelin passes over the glacier. Setting: […]

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