Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – John Hunter and the Irish Giant

It’s almost midnight, late by any standards. The weary owner passes a filthy rag over the bar-top and stuffs it back in his stained apron. There’s only a few punters left and they’ll be kicked out after a minute or two. He turns to face the back bar, puts on his spectacles and peers at […]

International Steampunk Symposium – Bocce Ball Tournament!

The International Symposium Games got off to a rolling start yesterday with the Bocce Ball tournament between eleven competing airships. This journalist must ashamedly admit that prior to yesterday his knowledge of the game mechanics was pitifully lacking, but thankfully several kindly observers and participants took time out to explain the rules. I also had the opportunity to chat with […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Charged Loins and Shocking Parties

With the delightful International Steampunk Symposium just around the corner, it seems fitting to explore more of the electric and eclectic ways that fine folks, just like yourselves, would like to, as they say – ‘party’ . You might think that because the Colonel just imbibed his fourth absinthe, or because Sir and Lady Astley once […]

Dr Pembroke’s Clinic – Electric-Zombie Kittens

WARNING: This article contains vivid descriptions of gruesome scientific experiments on small, cute, fluffy kittens. Although Karl Weinhold’s experiments strain credibility and may not have taken place, they still evoke revulsion and may not be for all readers. Onyxfeld, Early Spring 1872 Few doctors have the stomach for the kind of work that I am willing […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic: Electrifying Medicine – The Electric Kiss!

Onyxfeld, Late Winter 1872 We’re in a dimly lit room, with finely dressed house guests either sitting or standing around, rapt with anticipation, while an attractive young lady sits primly on a chair in the center, smiling nervously. The young man approaches to kiss her, poorly concealing his eagerness towards this modest intimacy, yet upon closing […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Galvanic Viagra of the 1850’s

Join Dr. J.D. Pembroke as he explores the many curious, ridiculous and sometimes downright confusing medical methods by which mankind has sought to heal itself over the years… Imagine if you will: you are visiting an old friend for the evening, with the intention of getting wrecked on brandy and discussing Important Matters, such as the price of […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic: Electrifying Medicine Pt. 4 – Memory Loss

Onxyfeld, Late Winter 1872 Last week we witnessed first-hand the electric ‘resurrection’ of George Forster in 1803. This gruesome act was performed by a charismatic, exuberant scientist named Giovanni Aldini, hell-bent on challenging the perception of life and death as we knew it. In short, as you might imagine, this is someone I could share a […]

Cinematheque – Vagabond

The Pandora Society Short-Film Cinematheque is a showcase of the best of geeky short film, focusing on categories such as science fiction, steampunk, fantasy, live action, animation or music videos, featuring the weird and the wonderful, the strange and the macabre, the dark and the joyful. Grab a drink, sit back, hit play and enjoy! Vagabond is […]

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