‘Under the Big Top Fashion Show’ – and some big news for Detroit…

On Saturday June 20th, the Tangent Gallery in Detroit witnessed ‘Under the Big Top’, a fabulous display of fashion, cabaret and variety talent. Buried in the industrial districts of central Detroit, this unsuspecting location was for one night transformed into a den of marvelous and thrilling entertainment, a timeless representation of art and strange circus wonders. It was […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Syphilis and Hats

Onxyfeld, Spring 1872 Do you own a hat? Of course you do. Every self-respecting person does. I’ve seen many of you at our various meetings touting magnificent headpieces of all varieties. However, like many of the delightful items of life that we enjoy, the beauty of these millinery masterpieces derives from less than pleasant origins.

Vourteque and Debut Album ‘The Iron & Jazz Age’ – Interview

Vourteque has been one of most prominent electro-swing DJ’s in the Midwest since 2008, known for producing and playing conventions, circus-punk and vaudevillian shows all the way from Los Angeles to New York. He’s performed with numerous similarly prominent performers such as Frenchy & The Punk, Unwoman and he’s one of the founders of the award-winning Rouge!, Chicago’s only electro-swing night – if […]

Mr Holmes – Sir McKellan as the Great Detective

Sir Ian McKellan plays the role he was made for – the famous Baker Street detective. Sherlock Holmes is the most iconic detective of all time, the mnemonically gifted, clue deducing, dryly sarcastic and insightful sleuth popping up in a range of adaptations and varying visual mediums. Major name actors have graced the persona in big […]

Pandora Cinematheque – Two Short Films For Your Lunchtime

Good day! This week we’re bringing you not one, but two delightful, two-dimensional little films – The Deep and Nimbus Machina. Let’s delve in.   Akin to the style of shadow-puppetry, Nimbus Machina is the exploration of a flat-world where an energetic inventor, travelling in a wondrous yet precariously propelled steam-machine attempts to both escape, and is the victim to a storm […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Intestines and Puppies

Welcome to another edition of Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies. I suppose that this weeks edition might leave you with what could be considered the epitome of mixed feelings, ranging from extremes of both the adorable and the stomach clenching. If you’re eating, I suggest you put it aside for a moment. Don’t forget, ‘aww’ and ‘eww’ are but a vowel apart… […]

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Stethoscopes and Breasts

Onyxfeld, 1872 Our society is utterly fascinated by breasts. The reasons for which are beyond me, but these strange fleshy and bulbous protuberances quite possess our public conscience and hind-brains like no other bodily formation. Women of means practically bisect themselves with incapacitating corsets to push and squeeze them this way and that, while men […]

Steambirds – Mobile Game Review

Steambirds is a great turn-based aviation strategy game for Android and iPhone, based in the early to mid-twentieth century, placing it firmly in the Dieselpunk genre. Extremely addictive and a unique concept, it will kill all that loose time when you could be, you know, working and eating and stuff. Story-line-wise, it’s really simple, a sort of olive-fatigues-and-khaki-combination […]

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