Medicine Macabre – Eyes and Needles – Part 2!

What do you do when you have severe cataracts, a pressing need for visual acuity, and an unscrubbed, unscrupulous scalpel-wielding surgeon with a disturbingly eager expression on his face? Well, bite down hard on something solid, and begin to pray…

Medicine Macabre – Eyes and Needles – Part 1

The oldest and most common medical procedure is cataract removal – and through the ages, the various methods by which this was performed was not exactly what you’d call painless…

Medicine Macabre – The General’s Leg

The American Civil War, like any conflict, produced a cast of both famous and infamous characters and personalities throughout its brutal span. Whilst some, like General Sedgwick and his famous last words, (“Why are you dodging like this? They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance…”) will always hold a special place in our hearts , […]

Medicine Macabre – Condoms

Vintage condoms: made of the finest animal intestines and linen fabric, they will allow you to indulge in the unseemly task of conjugal obligations – without reproducing! Delightful! Better yet, they can be reused!

Medicine Macabre – The Lady and the Pox

A pox on you! Possibly the most oft used insult laid at the feet of enemies and rivals, and while wishing it upon them rarely makes it so, such a curse embodies a terrifying and extremely real prospect, a malady that appeared to strike indiscriminately and without warning. Commonly, it often took the form of the invisible, contagious and ever lethal malady: smallpox.

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Kendal Black Drops

Those of you who are regular readers of my delightful romps through the darker side of medical science might sometimes lend themselves to question – where on earth does he get the energy? Where on earth, you wonder, in between his thriving yet surprisingly lethal medical practice, endless social engagements and the occasional spot of late night grave-robbing, does […]

Medicine Macabre – A Quick Trip to the Doctor

A trip to the doctor is a common enough practice. You feel a twinge here, an ache there, and off you pop to consult the local quack, who following careful examination will dutifully dispense practiced wisdom and efficacious treatments. All of which will be promptly ignored when that little problem you had just ‘goes away’. Because you know […]

Medicine Macabre – Surgery Floor Scrapings Vol. 1

In my research and readings, I often come across little tidbits of medical information and history, too juicy to leave alone and yet not substantial enough to merit an entire article. I decided to collect some of my favourites together for you into one handy to read collection. Enjoy! Like myself, you probably enjoy music, and […]

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