Daleks get in for Free!

Is it futile to resist a Dalek invasion? At Pandoracon we’ve always welcomed our misunderstood genocidal  metal encased friends! All live-sized Daleks that are accurate looking always get into Pandoracon for free (who would dare try and charge a Dalek for a badge?) and they can even bring one guest for free.

Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill

What do you think, Doctor Who fans? By now, if you’re a true blue dyed-in-the-wool-scarf Whovian, you have heard the news: Peter Capaldi will be running through corridors with a new companion at his side. Pearl Mackie was introduced as Bill, the “latest one” (as the Brigadier would say) in a stunning two-minute video clip featuring […]

The REAL Ninth Doctor Who?

March 26th, 2015 marked the ten year anniversary of the original broadcast of the television episode “Rose” which relaunched the show Doctor Who, and a whole new generation heeded the call when our hero said “Run!” The 2005 “reboot” of the oldest science fiction show on television took the series in a whole new and refreshing direction; […]

Finding the Satan of The Satan Pit

Following the Doctor through time is easy enough. However, I confess it is currently beyond even my technology to follow him off-world. Still, travelers of time and space talk, people write things down and pass stories along, and so tales of distant galaxies more than occasionally find their way back to earth. You find them […]

Puzzle Castles

There is nothing more delightfully steampunk than a castle made of gears and levers that changes shape when you press the right buttons. Myst is probably one of the originators of this theme, seeing as how steam-powered puzzles are their stock-in-trade. But they are far from being the only ones. While we’ve yet to have […]

Theories of Time Travel

Last week I explained the inexplicable nature of time, and demonstrably proved that time travel is impossible. But speculative fiction was never known to follow the rules, and steampunk, specializes in the impossible, so who’s going to let a little thing like physics stop them? Not me!

Something Wicked(ly Cool) This Way Comes

“Let’s stop pretending that theatre can’t be captured on screen,” Michael Billington (2014), theater critic for the Guardian, claims in support of England’s National Theatre Live project, which broadcasts live productions to cinemas in the UK and Ireland. There are even some venues in the US that show the live broadcasts, although they are scattered far and wide. For those who do not live near one of these theaters, seeing the productions would still be somewhat out of reach except for the newest addition—the Digital Theatre APP. With this new technology, fans can see performances by their favorite actors/actresses heretofore only readily available to those who lived in Great Britain or had the means for international travel on a regular basis. And the performances by such notables as David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Richard Armitage, and David Morrissey, are stunning.

Pluto in Fiction

Pluto is everyone’s favorite dispossessed planet, but has it only been that way since the controversy? Hardly–given the amount of science fiction that’s chosen the mysteriously cold and distant solar system body as a setting. Here are some of the more famous examples of Pluto in science fiction. Feel free to mention your own in […]

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