Woodland Ghost DIY (With a Twist)

Once again, it’s that time of year where we celebrate cavities, death, and forcing small children to walk past gruesome scenes of carnage in exchange for “Sad Sized” candy bars. Or, it could be my absolute favorite holiday: Halloween. If you want to get even with someone for a good scare last year, or you’re […]

Child’s Dragon Cape DIY

Costumes can be tricky, especially for children and especially for outdoor events. Although everyone wants their costumes to be cool and comfortable, dressing children has the added difficulty of juvenile pickiness. If it itches, it won’t stay on. If it gets too hot, it might be randomly discarded. With such high demands, it can be […]

Cincinnati Maker Faire Report

Last weekend marked the occasion of the third annual Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. Described as “the regions largest show-and-tell” it was hosted by the Cincinnati Museum Center, which probably one of the the largest in sheer space occupied, of any Maker Faire in the country. Mini Maker Faires are a growing phenomena across the globe. The “mini” […]

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 6

If you don’t have your mask for the Midsummer Masquerade by now, you’re probably panicking. But don’t worry. We have the ultimate last minute mask that is not only cheap and easy, but also extremely unique.

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 5

Some masks make a statement. Some are downright sexy. Some protect superheroes’ identities. And some are barely there at all. If you want to create an ethereal appearance, or you want to get some really funny double takes, try making an invisible mask. It’s a very easy bit of wizardry.

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 4

  It’s difficult to find a comfortable mask. It’s even harder to find a comfortable mask that still makes you feel alluring. Plastic and leather will make you sweat in a nice, air conditioned room. If you wear such a mask to an outdoor event, your make-up will survive approximately 5.3 seconds. Here is an […]

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 3

Nothing has the same alluring mystery as a filigree mask, does it? It’s iconic, but the endless possibilities of lace make each disguise unique. Thing is, I don’t know how to make lace. And I certainly don’t have a laser cutter to whip-up a metal mask. Fortunately, there is hot glue.

Midsummer Mask-Making Part 2

Full face masks are a great way to confuse your friends and troll your enemies. Or, of course, you might just want the classic look of a Venice masquerade. While designs for half face masks are tremendously varied, sometimes it’s just tough to deal with a full face of white. It’s like staring a blinking […]

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