Scythe is a role-playing strategy game set in an alternate, dieselpunk timeline where giant machines shake the battlefields of Europa and disenfranchised leaders must rely on their innate skills to gather the armies and expand their territories. Think of it as a cross between Risk and D&D.

Balogun Ojetade Edits Rococoa Anthology

Ofeibea Loveless talks to Balogun Ojetade – author, master instructor of indigenous African martial arts, screenwriter, film director, tabletop role-playing game designer, traditional African priest – about  his new anthology, Rococoa.

Queen Astarte’s Battle for the Skies AKA “Special”

“In the year 3030, Queen Astarte has taken to the skies to defend her once peaceful homeland from the evil lords of Garbania, who seek to rule the universe. She has but one last chance to thwart their wicked plan . . . “ . . . reads the opening scroll to the music video […]

Punk Correctness!

The mid 1990’s gave us the term political correctness, an attempt to treat people more fairly by making sure that the correct nondiscriminatory titles and descriptors were used, but the notion quickly devolved into a term of frustration as people pounced on each other for using incorrect terminology. Fast forward a couple of decades, use magic […]

The Emotional Pain of the Empathic Alien

In 1984 a science fiction music video by British singer Nik Kershaw received heavy rotation on MTV, but despite the great visuals the song only reached No. 46 in the US charts. In Britain the single peaked at number four in the charts, and in Germany and Ireland the song got as far as number two. The […]

Writer Milton Davis Looks to Animate a Sword and Soul Adventure

Georgia-based indie writer Milton Davis is raising money for Changa and the Jade Obelisk, a sword and soul animated adventure based on his novel Changa’s Safari. In the first episode, Changa, a young prince vowing to seek revenge for the death of his father and free his family and people from captivity, faces off against the sorceress […]

Hybrid Airships: Bigger, Better, Closer

Just as Star Trek predicted Blue Tooth technology, computer tablets, and flip phones, steampunk has predicted the rise of the dirigible. Or, perhaps more accurately, the resurgence.

ReVatu, Ode to a Legend, and The Black Pearl

While there may be many custom bike shops in the world, few live up to the legacy ReVatu Customs is building for itself. Based in the Netherlands, ReVatu Customs has featured bikes at competitions and conventions across Europe and enjoyed international attention. Their work ranges from fast to so-cool-looking-we-don’t-care-about-top-speeds-anymore. All ReVatu’s builds come from scratch, […]

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