Cyberpunk on a Budget

Here’s the beautiful thing about doing a cyberpunk cosplay: the era that gave us cyberpunk also filled today’s thrift stores. Many of those generous donations sit on the shelves to this day, and new merchandise is always being discovered. Putting together a costume has never been easier. Here are a few tips, tricks, and items […]

Pandoracon 2016 Session – saboteurs of big daddy mainframe: cyberfeminism and popular culture

saboteurs of big daddy mainframe: cyberfeminism and popular culture Presented by Dr. Electra Complex & Asher Black Analysis of cyberfeminist images in popular culture and why they matter.  

The Matrix 4 and 5?

They are not the sequels we deserve, and certainly not the ones we need right now, but it doesn’t look like the Wachowskis care about that.

Pandoracon Session – CyberFunk!

Cyberfunk: Cyberpunk From An African-American Perspective Presented by Ofeibea Loveless, Valjeanne Jeffers, & K. Ceres Wright During this Pandoracon panel, Ofeibea Loveless – Airship Ashanti, Midwest BSFA, Queen of Diamonds – will lead a Q&A with writers from the cyberfunk anthology, The City, who will discuss the similarities and differences between cyberfunk and cyberpunk.

Neuromancer . . . the Movie!?

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” This is the opening sentence of the 1984 seminary Cyberpunk novel Neuromancer by William Gibson. The image of a dark future, a sky filled with static, glimmering shades of grey, sets the tone of the novel perfectly . . . until […]

Do Androids Dream of Electric Music?

Many people are somewhat familiar with British electronic music innovator Gary Numan as a result of his overplayed hit song “Cars” and its catchy line “Here in my car, I feel safest of all. In cars.” Unfortunately “Cars” overshadows a wealth of other songs by Numan and the band in which it all began, Tubeway […]

Pandora Cinematheque: Heart Pumping Oil

I never cease to be amazed by both the quantity and quality of short films that are continuously breaking onto the internet. I ran across this 2014 piece by writer/director Ben Juhl by chance, and I was blown away by his ability to fit in so much story into such the short time frame that […]

We Are Living In the Cyberpunk Future of 1984: William Gibson at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lexington, KY

The Pandora Society heads to Lexington, Kentucky, to meet Cyberpunk godfather, William Gibson.

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