Disaster! – Dirigible Crash Causes Aetheric Contamination

The worst has happened. The small rogue dirigible that snuck its way into our dimension from the dimension of our new acquaintances the Circle City Aerodrome, was spotted two days ago fleeing through the portal to their own dimension. As it had been reported that they were seen collecting samples of ejecta blanket material laden […]

Tek Security Bulletin: Report Strange Dirigibles

Attention! The Clan of Teks security team needs all citizens to report any and all sightings of strange or otherwise unknown dirigibles. Furthermore any unrecognized dirigibles docking at the Clan of Teks port tower must submit to safety searches until further notice. This is a matter of dire importance not only to the safety of […]

CCA Ports of Presence (POP) Stability in question

Dr. Dane, the Circle City Aerodrome Boffin Corps Administrator and Lead Sciences Development Adviser to the CCA Founders Board, has issued an all Port of Presence (POP) statement:   “The recent increase of portal instability incidents is being investigated. These incidents are in no way a threat to commercial or personal travelers using CCA facilities.    […]

The Clan of Teks Requests Technical Cooperation with CCA

The Clan of Teks has traveled to the CCA’s dimension yet again on a mission to determine if the Circle City Aerodrome’s Boffin Corps and administrators would be willing to provide  technical assistance in developing dimensional portal stabilization equipment similar to the devices they employ on their side of our mutual portal. Technology scout Caelyn […]

Boffin encounters of the Tek kind

Occasionally, the Circle City Aerodrome comes in contact with other inter-dimensional travelers by chance encounters such as Boffin Corps portal  experiments or dimensional flux stronger than the standard Portal Stability equipment can handle. Last summer we received a visit from a Captain Stemwinder  and his dirigible Hammerhead.  His ship arrived unexpectedly in the midst of an […]

Clan of Teks First Contact With Circle City Aerodrome

This is an “in character” post.

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