Symposium 2017 Session – Secondhand to Steampunk

Secondhand to Steampunk Presented by M. Leigh Hood Learn to transform everyday thrift shop finds into unique costumes and props.

Symposium Session – Victorian Secrets for Today’s Seamstress

Victorian Secrets for Today’s Seamstress Presented by Susan Spencer Generations of seamstresses have passed down sewing secrets, many of which are no longer in common usage today . . . but boy, are they clever! Some of the most useful can be found in this presentation, which covers everything from the basics of stitching, boning, and […]

Symposium Session – Finicky Bits

Finicky Bits: Lost Arts Explained Presented by Susan Spencer This entertaining presentation grew out of our collection of truly odd — but useful — bits of information, many gleaned from research done while trying to complete our own widely varied projects. It covers such lost arts as how to clean and curl feathers, attach trims to […]

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