T-Rex Tuesdays

Everyone loves dinosaurs. Asking someone about their favorite dinosaur is right up there with asking for a favorite color or season. Triceratops, raptor, stegosaurus, or tyrannosaurus rex – we all have our favorites. And we can never get enough of them. While humans have been busy resurrecting the prehistoric beasts in books, film, and television […]

Song Marshall: Model, Actress, Director, & Steampunk Enthusiast

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Song Marshall, a model, actress, and steampunk enthusiast.

Song: “I had always had a love of corsets and all sorts of Victorian attire. I always just thought I was odd. I didn’t discover Steampunk until 5 years ago when I started working with Terra Mysterium. I had no idea this whole community existed. I fell in love with it right away!”

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